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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  February 8, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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this may turn to ice in spots overnight and morning. this is a time-lapse from the southern sections of frederick county urbana some snowfall, enough to whiten the grass. this could be a problem overnight and for tomorrow's rush-hour. alison? >> the snow came down steadily in frederick and washington counties and also in the panhandle. brad bell is live with how people feel about a little bit of snow after such a mild winter. >> alison you can see that it is really a beautiful snow. it has been like this since around, a 11:00 a.m. but we really do not have much to show for it.
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you see some on the cars and some on me. just west of here, that is where you can see some snow. one day after the two-year anniversary of snomageddon this is the most that we could see. on top of the mountain there is about 1 inch of an accumulation by afternoon but since it is not affecting the highways, most of the people we talked to said it is kind of pretty. >> it is not bad. >> it is kind of seasonal. it is nice. >> farther west at a lower elevation in hagerstown, the snow had been pretty heavy all day, but it was not really sticking to anything. charlie says it will not be enough to move those shovels he has had hanging around the hard restore along with the slides. >> the kids need to be out of school for a couple of days.
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>> and that is as close to a complaint that we heard all day about the mild winter and this feeble snowstorm. >> i am ready for the warm weather. >> we have not really had the winter. >> i know, but i do not like it. it is dangerous. >> one worker told us this is as he likes it. >> anymore makes a treacherous. >> -- any more makes it treacherous. they have been coming through with a salt truck. we understand that mars -- most of the surface temperatures are pretty warm. >> thank you brad. let's go over to virginia, where most parts of the state have not seen any snow except for
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winchester. >> it is not snowing very hard now, but a couple of hours ago it was really coming down here. the winter weather advisory put out by the national weather service goes until 8:00 tonight, even though officials are warning drivers to stay off of the roads unless they absolutely have to. many travelers are venturing out. and people have not had a lot of practiced writing in the snow this year. >> i just take my time, make sure i am not in a hurry. then you are ok. >> it is not bad. right now coming it is not bad. >> as temperatures drop the icy conditions become a concern so going carefully by foot or by vehicle. >> i am glad it is here. >> you missed it? >> i did. i am glad to have it before it leaves. >> the warm weather has fooled many of the trees into blooming
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early. in one area, vdot was in stand by waiting hours for it to arrive. >> you are disappointed? >> a little bit. >> you are looking live now at cameron street right downtown. the pavement just wet. we are not getting any accumulation despite the fact that it has been snowing for a couple of hours. again, the biggest concern is at the temperatures drop it could get a little icy. abc7 news. >> thank you gail. nice hat. you look cute. >> if you have some pictures send it to just click on the weather tab. >> moving to a murder trial the
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defense made its case about what happened to yeardley love, looking at emails from george huguely and the victim. >> they seated the jury this morning, seven women seven men, and there'll be alternates. there was shock on some of their faces, and here is why. george huguely was at the courthouse in handcuffs to hear conflicting stories about what may have happened to yeardley love. chapman said huguely had sent an email saying "i should have killed you." there was another email that said --
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there was massive brain damage a battered face, arms, and legs. he said even if huguely was drunk, there was nothing that he could have done that would have caused her death. it is said the evidence will show that she was in her bed for two hours, dying. she never left her bed. it was said that this was a perfect storm of terrible, terrible coincidences'. it left her suffocating in her pillow because she was drunk. >> i think they are already convinced that he is guilty. >> on the stand at first debate was -- at first today was his mother. they did not talk much about anything other than the belongings. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00 the remit to found yeardley love -- the roommate who found
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yeardley love. she is on the stand now. >> thank you. we are following breaking news about a man who is dead after being pinned by a truck at the 5300 block of albermarle street. it is said he got stuck between a truck and a wall. they are still investigating the circumstances. police are not releasing his identity. a portion of albermarle street is shut down while they investigate. >> a suspect is in custody after a carjacking. police say the armed suspect jumped into a victim's truck in a walmart parking lot this morning, and then minutes later the police spotted the truck heading north on branch ave. the truck hit four separate cars before jumping out of the stolen vehicle and running away on foot.
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he ran toward one woman's back yard. >> i did not want to run out there. i did not know what was going on. right here is where they caught him. >> a k-9 unit eventually tracked down the suspect who was trying to hide in a storm drain. some of the other vehicle driver suffered some injuries. police in prince george's county unveiled their results of a new crackdown of crime. they showed all of the recent illegal guns taken off of the streets, at least 50 of them confiscated, with more than five under arrest overall. >> investigators in anne arundel county working on what they say is one of the worst animal abuse cases they have ever seen a horribly injured dog found in lincecum -- linthicum on andover road. stephen tschida joins us.
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>> investigators are trying to close in on who was responsible. they believe "rocky" was what they call a "bait dog." he is still wounded stitched and bandaged, but full of life. they call him "rocky road" because of what he has been through. they were looking at euthanizing him, but he was so affectionate they asked if they could save him. he volunteered his time and his hospital. >> there were massive amounts of fluids and intravenous treatment. >> thursday, animal control got word about a wounded animal and they found him wandering here in this neighborhood. >> this is the most severe. >> investigators believe that rocky was a bait dog docile, but used to train other dogs.
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>> they are not expected to fight back. they do not want a dog that is going to fight back. >> in addition to those words, someone had caught him with a knife. -- in addition to those wounds. >> linthicum used to be a neighborhood where everybody knew each other, but it has changed a lot. >> rocky continues to recover. >> we have got about 8 million stitches in him, and he is doing very well. >> he will be at the animal hospital and then go to a rescue group, which will try to find rocky a new home. reporting live in the newsroom, stephen tschida abc7 news. >> we hope that rocking makes a comeback, do we not? police say a man attacked a woman inside an apartment building. christopher johnson faces charges of assault and armed robbery. they say that he followed a
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woman into a laundry room at an apartment complex on quince orchard boulevard. they were using dna evidence to link him to the crime. >> coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 tonight what donald trump has planned for the historic old post office in washington, d.c. >> and shoppers paying 5 cents for disposable bags. >> and a local family that almost died from carbon monoxide poisoning tells us what happened, in an interview you will see only on abc7. >> and rain or snow. it could become slick on the
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>> a fort washington family is on the mend after everyone in their house almost died of carbon monoxide poisoning. >> they are sharing what happened and who came to their rescue as story you will see only on abc7. pamela? >> she is overcome with emotion when she thinks of her family is close call with death. >> thank you, god.
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>> as the tears were running down her face, she was looking at what little she could remember. she and her husband called 911 after their two-year-old son fell off of the bed and had a seizure. >> the baby. >> herbert was the only one to go with their son to children's hospital but when he called home no one picked up, and he called someone to check on them. >> he said, "oh my god everybody is on the floor." >> everybody else except the newborn was on conscience. after receiving the call, they knocked down the family door grabbing the baby before paramedics arrived. >> she opened her eyes like, "i am here." i ran to my truck and put it in the truck, and then i came back
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to get the other two kids. >> the four-month-old baby. we do not know exactly how it was that she had not become unconscious. >> the family finishes treatment at the shock trauma center they are full of life and gratitude. >> glad to be here right now. >> she says she is still afraid that the air will suffocate her again. pamela brown, abc7 news. >> a former council member, gary thomas is in default in a debt to d.c. taxpayers. it is said he defaulted on a settlement to pay for $300,000 that it was found that he stole. they are working to recover the money, and if he is waiting -- and he is waiting to face
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charges. he said he would make good on it. >> and prince george's county there could be the latest tax form the bad tax. the prince george's county council voted in favor of a 5 cents per bag tax mimicking fees that are already in place and d.c. at montgomery county. it would have to be given the right to impose the tax. supporters say the tax could cut down on environmental cleanup costs. >> i cannot tell you how many times i have gone to the store to see people walking out without them. >> they do not want to pay. >> let's talk about the situation with the weather. we have had some snow but certainly not anything to cause problems. >> and area of a pressure. >> is that a technical term? >> a scientific term.
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we have some snow falling, and there is just a little white snow, but the good news is that the ground temperatures are pretty warm, 40 degrees or higher so it is all melting. the concern is late tonight and overnight, it will drop into the 20's, so it could be i see in the morning. keep that in mind. -- it could be icy in the morning. keep that in mind. some moderate snowfall, just enough to cover the grass in areas frederick county, washington county. they may get a few spots. everything is going to move continuously from west bend east during the night. we are seeing some progress in the afternoon, and then this will push out and it will clear, and colder air will move in creating an icy potential. 36 in the raid.
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36 and culpepper. -- 36 in luray. even in those areas temperatures should go down to 32 or a couple of degrees lower. at the great lakes in the 30's. these numbers are a little bit below average for this time of february and it will get even colder. tomorrow once this storm system is out of here, high pressure will come back into the area. sunshine a very pleasant tomorrow in the 40's. the possibility of some morning ice. we have sunshine around the area. it will be nice. friday it looks like we will be near 50 degrees with sunshine. here is the next system. the cold front moving through friday and saturday. it will be cold. we will have gusty winds flurries highs only in the upper 30's, and there will be a
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warm-up but early next week, so this has been the pattern all winter long will it is above average, below average and then it bounces back up -- that has been the pattern all winter long where it is a above average, below average and then bounces back up. another warm up by this time next week. back in the 60's. -- 50's. >> a ok, dog. thank you. we are happy to say that this week's facebook is a bet your favorites. >> to celebrate all of our facebook vance, we are giving away another ipad 2 -- to celebrate all of our facebook fans. >> "modern family" is all new
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tonight. they are having their house fumigated. >> we do not get to spend much time together, so i know that we are going to be like -- >> fred and ginger. >> who? >> "modern family" is on at 9:00 followed by "happy endings," with our news at 11:00. and you can go to our facebook page. >> a scare at the super bowl. the contagious infection that may have been passed on to fans. >> we do not hear about it a lot. >> breast-feeding can be challenging for many biological mothers, but have you heard of adoptive mother's breast feeding? >> guess who is taking over
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>> donald trump's latest business venture is bringing him right to washington, d.c. >> he wants to turn the old post office complex into a hotel complex. greta kreuz. >> leon, a lot of details have to be worked out but the old post office pavilion has gone
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down quite a bit since its heyday of back in the 1980's. humane remember the big new year's eve parties and now it is costing $6 million per year to maintain. the solution? donald trump. the old post office pavilion is picturesque and prime real estate. every tourist gets the word. >> in his historic and beautiful, and you absolutely have to come. >> it has lost its cachet over the years and now donald trump has gotten the approval to turn it into a hotel which presidential suite restauranteur, spa, museum, and more. "we are extremely honored and committed, " said the daughter of donald trump. city leaders say it is great economic news. even in shoppers are not so happy. >> the food court downstairs will have to be closed by 2014. >> we are living in limbo right
5:26 pm
now. if we do not know what we should do. >> others have mixed feelings. >> if we are losing lots of money on it maybe that is the way to do it, but i would hope that we would make it accessible to the city, that it would be so high class that no one could come in and have lunch. >> all of the way up to the observation deck. >> in case it is no longer open to the public, i wanted to come up here and take a look. >> under the deal donald trump must maintain public access to the building and maintain its historic features. it is a long-term commitment. he has been granted a 60-year lease, and once again they say work should start in 2014. the hotel doors open in 2016 or 2017. live in washington greta kreuz abc7 news. >> a lot of stuff in there.
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>> still ahead on abc7 news at 5:00 how adoptive mothers are able to experience the benefits of breast-feeding with their babies. >> you may call its a cop on crime. i am sam ford. >> we are monitoring the snow that is lingering in some areas. ♪ ♪ [ kareem ] i was fascinated by balsa wood airplanes since i was a kid. [ mike ] i always wondered how did an airplane get in the air.
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> we are still on storm watch tonight. the snow has missed much of the area but in some places, it is coming down heavily. >> doug hill is in the weather center with the latest. doug? >> some light rain. in fact, in arlington outside of our studios, some light rain. the storm system is a pretty wide area, but if you notice, most of what is developing is developing east. as this pulls away drier air will follow in. light snow mainly west of the area including frederick county md., everyone else with a light rain or mist. this will continue to move rapidly east over the next couple of hours. the advisories you see, temperatures will be the issue. we are above freezing in the metro area.
5:31 pm
it will be below freezing in many areas by morning. in some areas will re-freeze in turn i see. -- turn icy. what will the rest of the forecast bring? i will have that, coming up. >> thank you. even though today's snow was not a lot, it was enough to send some children home from school and some home from work. we have more from potomac, maryland. >> we are seeing some small flakes hitting the ground, but as soon as they do they are melting. here not too bad for this time of the evening just wet. but some people who work in downtown d.c., left early to avoid any possible traffic tieups because of the snow. >> yes it would not take much to jam up the roads. >> salt trucks waited.
5:32 pm
in montgomery county, they are on call through the night. >> all night tomorrow. >> memories of last year's traffic mess is still fresh in our mind. nobody wants to get stuck on the road for hours and hours again. >> just in case. >> from montana, new jersey, they have seen worse, but are concerned about possible backups. >> it was so warm. now, it is the end of february it is starting to get cold. i do not know. i hope it does not happen again. >> a long 270, what we are seeing is a lot of salt trucks -- along 270. natasha barrett, abc7 news. >> let's take a look at some other top stories. opening arguments in the uva trial involving yeardley love
5:33 pm
where it was where george huguely sent an email saying "i should have killed you." >> police are investigating a case of animal cruelty in linthicum a dog that was believed to be a "bait dog." they say it was the worst case of animal cruelty they have seen. >> a carjacking at a walmart in clinton. they say that a man took a cadillac escalade and then led officers on a chase. >> a suspect arrested. police say they have caught the man who tried to abduct a teenaged girl in springdale. he is identified tonight as raymond myers. his listed address is one block away from where this attack
5:34 pm
happened, he is facing seven charges, including assault. >> a d.c. police officer is facing a charge of driving while intoxicated after having an altercation with another kappa -- cop. d.c. bureau chief sam ford has more. >> it took place early saturday here at 5th and k and one of them intoxicated allegedly pulled a gun on the other one, and they both turned out to be off-duty police officers. a police report said it was 3:50 saturday morning when they m -- when the mpd arrested one of his own. >> drinking while driving? >> that is what the police said. >> the initial call came to the police as a man with a gun, that
5:35 pm
the officer was allegedly falling another vehicle that he thought was driving too slow. there was an argument, and hargrove allegedly pulled a gun on the other motorists. they did learn the other man was also the d.c. officer. both men off duty. ? -- we are surprised. >> they would only acknowledge that he was arrested for dwi and they say that internal affairs is investigating. >> do you want to be out here and have a gun fight with each other? >> this should be an easier case to investigate. the incident took place near a serb guerrillas camera. according to a police spokesperson the lieutenant is still on the job but on a
5:36 pm
different status. sam ford, abc7 news. -- the incident took place near a surveillance camera. >> southbound i-395, a very heavy from the pentagon to edsall road. boundary channel drive the 14th street bridge, an accident was taken out of the way. also dealing with some heavy delays right now. let's switch our view and take a look at some cameras on 270. the north down to 70 spur, very heavy delays. -- the northbound 270 spur, very heavy delays. a bit of a brake on the outer lip. you are slow past 66.
5:37 pm
van dorn, often on 295 in maryland. back to you in the studio. >> coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 what the location of the speed camera is infuriating some people -- why the location of the speed camera is infuriating some people. >> and see how they are molding young minds every day. >> and coming up moving through security more quickly at our local airport, but you will have to weight loss programs can be expensive. so to save some money, i just got the popular girls from t m local middle school to follow me around. ew. seriously? so gross. ew. seriously? that is so gross. ew. seriously? dude that is so totally gross.
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one more thing.... those pj's you like, i bought you five new pairs. love you. did you see the hockey game last night? [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> helping children pay their own way is the goal of one group that gives local students free help with their homework and tutoring and that is what makes them this week's harris' heroes. the mentor wants every child to succeed. he is one of the growing group that works with the group. for the love of children.
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it helps kids through first through 12th grades, five days a week. >> they help me out with homework. at one point the first honors. >> tonight is high school scholars night, where students are researching colleges and learning about financial aid. >> does everyone have something to write with? >> she just graduated from college, and she has decided to plant her own words with floc. >> they helped me with my college list and to find scholarships. they really just helped me grow into a person i am right now. >> and it is kids like these that are the driving motivation behind floc. >> to see the hundreds of students that come to our door
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and finds success. to build a community where if they feel empowered, where they feel like a of opportunity and they realize they have got the potential to succeed. >> plus a 100% on-time graduation rate from high school. all of the graduates have gone on to college. way to go, guys. if you know someone out there that should be recognized as a harris heroe send us the information at >> thank you. tonight something that thousands of super bowl fans may have been exposed to. >> and mother-child relationship. >> an adoptive mother
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>> any expectant or mother will tell you there are benefits to breast feeding. >> we are shown how adoptive
5:46 pm
mothers are now getting in on this act of bonding. >> she remembers bringing her two-year-old daughter home from the hospital like it was yesterday, specifically the mayhem that it brings. >> when i got my daughter home, to sit down the first time, to put her to the breast, and to get her to latch on, all of that chaos melted away. >> wanting to launcher on a path of health and wellness from the end. >> breast feeding. i really wanted my daughter to have a healthy start in life. >> but what makes this situation different is that the daughter is adopted. >> we just do not care about it a lot. >> the breast feeding center for greater washington. one woman works with these mothers, like these women to say the notion of breast feeding
5:47 pm
it with an adoptive mother is fairly, except for year. >> the idea of inducing at least part of the milk supply is not that unusual. we are sort of rebuilding our traditions. this is a new idea again. >> breast feeding about a pregnancy is also easier than it seems. there are medicines that mimic the hormonal changes. there are things that simulate lactation, and then there are the supplements. >> this goes around the mother's neck. this is right alongside the breast. >> with only a few months' notice before the arrival of her daughter she uses the combination of all three. both mother and baby are able to make an emotional connection. >> it makes us a normal family. where the milk from a cow came from this morning? >> the point that they want to make the point that breast-
5:48 pm
feeding is best. even this small amount of mother's milk it can make for a healthy baby adopted or not. abc7 news. >> any fan that was lucky enough to go to the super bowl may have to see a doctor. they say an unknown number of people may have been exposed to measles. one person infected with measles visited. so far there are two confirmed cases of measles in indiana. it is not normally fatal, and most are vaccinated for it during childhood. >> some say they are not happy with how an american dispatcher- the 911 calls to shortly before a house and exploded, where a social worker placed a call for support. she said that josh powell had grabbed his sons and slammed the door in her face. the dispatcher spent several minutes quizzing the woman. >> i think i need help right
5:49 pm
away. this is the craziest thing. he looked right at me and closed the door. "are you there? i smelled gasoline." >> i have to respond to life- threatening situations a first. >> this could be life- threatening. >> minutes later, the house and exploded. it is said that the calm it seemed that there was no help on the way, but they say that was not the case. the children apparently died from carbon monoxide poisoning. >> let's take a look ahead at what is on abc7 news at 6:00. >> gordon peterson is here with a look. >> the wintery mix. we will have a look outside and tell you how long it will last. rick santorum is doing pretty good winning three states, in last night's caucuses. where does mitt romney stand now with republicans? we will talk about that, as well and scott thuman has a
5:50 pm
report on the campaign. maureen and i will see you at 6:00. >> ok. >> he mentioned the winter mix, so let's get the latest on the situation. >> most of this is well to the east of the metro area. in the belfort furniture weather center we have a little bit of precipitation outside, some snow north and northeast. you can notice with the animation that this has continued to quickly pass to the east. in the next hour and a half, it should be totally finished, and then the concern is temperatures because tonight, the freezing of the water on the ground could make for some slick spot. along the eastern panhandle of west virginia and frederick and clark counties in virginia -- i think these warnings will be -- advisories will be expiring. 38 in washington, 40 in quantico. we have a ways to go with
5:51 pm
temperatures but later tonight temperatures will drop. 28 to 33 and that means there could be some ice, so watch for that tonight and early in the morning. tomorrow beautiful, upper 40's, with a northwest wind. pleasant weather in friday, and then cold temperatures only in the 30's, for the weekend. to keep up with all of the changes in the weather patterns, you can do it right there, and you can click on the weather tab. that is it alison, leon. >> going to the stage to really prove themselves. >> it is a great night for basketball teams. duke at carolina. they played in prime time. syracuse and no. 11 georgetown. hopefully entertaining matchups but bellhorn does know they are going to be up against it at the dome. -- but the hoyas know that they
5:52 pm
are going to be up against it at the dome. >> we have to do extremely well. >> meanwhile if you are going to the wizards game tonight, the new yorker rookie point guard as he went to harvard, so he is a britney's. he scored 25, and now becomes to washington. -- he is a brain. >> trying to. >> for him there is little time to adjust to the spotlight. he is the only ivy leaguer in the nba. he began his career -- >> it was kind of like this before i ever played a game. it struggled, and it hurts me on the court. >> now he is with the knicks. he scored 25 points.
5:53 pm
>> two straight wins and we are trying to get the third. >> but you cannot help but notice he is all smiles going from relative on non it to a youtube sensation with his own soundtrack. ♪ >> ♪ this is what can happen when you dream ♪ >> carmelo anthony and some others can be out of the lineup. despite his success he is not thinking too far ahead. >> i am not thinking beyond. i cannot look at that right now. mentally. >> at verizon center britt mchenry, abc7 news. >> it will be fun to see him tonight against the wizards. >> i like brainiac baller. >> it is the phrase that pays.
5:54 pm
>> coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 -- >> and mission to refo
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>> one community is upset about some cameras that they say are not helping the elderly. >> ben explains. >> i have to use branch avenue to get home now. anytime i have to go home, i used -- use branch. >> she has to go through a speed camera. but we do not know that these land mines are out there. >> the stretch of road has a 25 mile per hour speed limit downhill. >> we have tried it. you have to keep your foot on the break -- brake. >> she has already gotten
5:58 pm
several tickets. >> i have not budgeted that kind of money, and i live from paycheck to paycheck. >> . is like hers have brought people out to protest the speed cameras. they say it is more to generate revenue than to promote public safety. >> we have called the police chief, and we call upon the in and to get rid of this. >> a aaa's spokesman says the group has received many complaints about the location of the cameras do not make sense. 43 but $1 million in revenue in fiscal 2010. >> you have not done your homework. you have not done your research, and you are in snaring people. >> they also sought a record 25 lote deaths, but the community's says they will continue to ask the mayor, police chief, and councilwoman for better ways to make the streets safe. abc7 news. >> and of course, we will stay
5:59 pm
on top of that and keep you posted. that is it for abc7 news at 5:00. coming up now at 6:00 -- >> i am doug hill. we will check our super doppler radar and tell you what you can expect. >> we have been covering the snow from maryland to virginia to show how folks are coping. >> and i am gail pennybacker live in charlottesville, va., an emotional day in vain yeardley love -- in the yeardley love murder trial. captioned by the national captioning institute >> our big story at 6:00 it winter wednesday for some of us, and a wet 14 other is. >> depending on where you are you had rain or snow. here is a look outside. good news, we have not seen problems out of the system. our chief meteorologist doug hill has the latest


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